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People love having pictures of memories they want to remember; they don't always love getting stuck with the camera.


People might want a photographer to handle it for them, but they may not be able to afford it.


This is where I step in.


Bare Bones Photography is exactly what the name implies. Simple, affordable, straightforward photography for those whose budgets are tight or for those occasions that simply don't warrant a huge price tag.

Bare Bones Photography is your personal,  on-location photographer to capture whatever occasion you want to remember or need you have to fill. Parties, family portraits, Senior portraits, CV/Resume/Staff headshots, band photos, sports photography, corporate events, & more.


I use a few different cameras and a some tricks and tools to get great images in frame. Whether you want candid shots of your kid's 5th birthday party, dynamic shots for your band's press kit, or professional looking photos for your company's website, I have you covered.


I have lots of examples of my work in my various Portfolio pages in the drop down menu above.


Social media is forthcoming (one thing at a time).


For an hourly rate, I will come wherever I need to to take photos for your party, event, game, or performance. You pay me. You get all of the pictures I take. You may print them, share them, do what you will,  everything but sell them. I simply retain the rights to use them in my social media marketing.


For shorter shoots, I offer reduced rates.


If I have to travel, there is a trip charge.

For more information on shooting rates, send me a message through my Contact Page.

You get what you get. I am good with the camera, but I don't do Photoshop, After Effects, or any other sort of retouching. My goal is to provide quality photography at rates that anyone can afford. As such, my rates are for the time I am onsite taking your pictures and getting them to you as quickly as possible.


The time and energy spent editing afterwards is more money that I would have to charge, so I take the pictures and you receive them as they were captured in frame.


I don't have a studio, so my sessions are all on location. If you need recommendations, I can offer them. We can also use rented studio space if needed & available.

You may have noticed that I didn't list weddings or maternity photography. That's because I don't offer these services. The demands of planning and resourcing for these momentous occasions exceed what I am able to fairly offer. I am happy to refer you to other photographers who can meet those needs.

I do not book one-on-one shoots of any kind. If you need photos of only yourself, I kindly request that you bring a friend, or allow me to bring someone along. This is for my protection and for yours.


Finally, I don't do anything I am otherwise comfortable with; I reserve the right to cancel a shoot at any time if I feel uneasy or at risk for a full refund.

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